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Children & Chiropractics


Children and Chiropractic Care Testimonial Video

This Beautiful Family has been using chiropractic care since birth. Listen to what Michelle says about the Myrtle Beach Spine Center and what makes us different. Treating children for colic, ear infections. sinus trouble, asthma, and even bed wetting is a common occurrence at the Spine Center.

Click the lines in the top left corner and scroll down to testimonial #10 to see what this family has to say.


Travel to the Myrtle beach Spine Center

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Spring into health with chiropractic!


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Did you know your nervous system controls every cell in your body.

chiro-illusCan chiropractic help with allergies?

Can chiropractic help with ear infections?

Can chiropractic help with sinus infections?

Can chiropractic help with headaches?


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What is a disc herniation? Why is spinal decompression so effective?

disc herniation

degenerative disc disease

Myrtle beach spine center has the latest non surgical approach to bulging or herniating disc.

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