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Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy – How can a chiropractor help?

How can Chiropractic add comfort during pregnancy?

Chiropractic care during a pregnancy is an essential part of your prenatal care. During a normal pregnancy a tremendous amount of women experience back discomfort and pain. This is often due to the rapid growth of the baby and interference to your body’s structural adaptations to that growth. Preexisting unnoticed imbalances in your spine and pelvis become overtaxed during these times. The added stress to the body during the pregnancy often leads to discomfort and difficulty while performing routine, daily activities. Chiropractic care throughout the pregnancy can relieve and even prevent these discomforts experienced by the mother to be. Specific adjustments eliminate these stresses in your spine, restore balance and result in greater comfort and lifestyle improvements. The physicians at the Myrtle Beach Spine Center have extended training and board certifications to perform the necessary care during the pregnancy. Please visit for more information.

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