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What to expect as a new patient at the Myrtle Beach Spine Center

A common question we get asked on the phone is what can someone expect as a new patient in our office.

The conditions which the Myrtle Beach Spine Center, PA address are as varied and as vast as the nervous system itself. We use a standard procedure of examination to diagnose a new patient’s condition and arrive at a course of treatment. The Doctors attempt to find the cause of a health problem rather than simply treat the symptoms. We seek to maximize the natural strengths of the body and its capacity to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. Some examples of conditions seen in our office are: headaches, neck pain, back pain, scoliosis, work/auto/sports injuries, numbness, tingling, and repetitive stress injuries.

The doctor will review your health history and determine if your problem can be helped. If further testing or a referral is needed, we will recommend one for you. Your reflexes may be tested and your ability to turn and bend will be measured. Many other standard orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic tests may be performed. If necessary, X-ray views may be taken to help understand your problem.

Your doctor will study the results of these examinations and explain what they mean. If other outside examinations have previously been performed, please bring them with you, so that we can explain them to you as well. Then the doctor will recommend a care program designed for your unique health problem. Periodic examinations will monitor your progress.

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