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What is a spinal disc and what are the symptoms if it herniates?

What is a Spinal disc?
The spinal disc is a soft cushion that is in between the vertebrae of the spine. When you are younger, the disc is soft and elastic, but as you age, the disc gradually looses its elasticity, become more rigid and is more vulnerable to injury.

What causes symptoms of a Herniated Disc?
When a herniated disc ruptures and pushes out, the nerves may become irritated and pinched. This may occur gradually with repetitive straining of the spine or suddenly in an injury. When the spinal cord or spinal nerves become compressed, they don’t work properly. This means that abnormal signals may get passed from the compressed nerves, or may not get passed at all. Some symptoms of a herniated disc include: electric shock-like pain, tingling and numbness.

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