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Golf Performance

If you are interested in increasing your golf performance, have an evaluation by a TPI certified doctor and instructor.  Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certification is a multi-level, multi-track certification program. TPI leads the world in research and data on golf fitness, health and swing bio-mechanics. World renown experts, from 5 continents and over 20 countries have helped develop the core curriculum that all TPI professionals learn in the golf rehabilitation certification process.

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Dr. Mike is a certified TPI Level 2 Medical Professional (golf injury treatment and prevention, SFMA certified). He has the knowledge and training to perform a golf-specific physical examination, analyze 3-D motion capture data to measure swing efficiency and design a customized workout program to improve a golfer’s overall performance. Dr. Mike can quickly identify any physical limitations that may be causing a player’s swing inefficiencies and master simple solutions to get them back on track. He has also focused his training in treating golf-specific injuries and injury inducing swing mechanics, advanced swing faults, and spine, wrist and ankle physical screening procedures.

If you are looking to take your golf game to the next level, make sure Dr. Mike is part of your team!


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